Tuesday, May 17, 2011

More Home Page Headlines

Donald Trump announces he won’t run for President in 2012. First Mike Huckabee says no, and now the Donald bows out. Obama can’t be that frightening. But Trumps hair is. And Huckabee is just a huckleberry… And Sarah Palin is, well just plain annoying. So that leaves "Eye of" Newt Gingrich?? Republicans, care to say Romney??

Disney trademarks "SEAL Team Six". Mickey and Pluto go to war? Really?? Is there anything Disney won't buy? They have Pooh, Marvel and now Navy Seals

Two Ohio boys were suspended for farting on the bus. Wow, that must have been some tooting worth tweeting about.

US hits debt limit, setting up 11 week fight. When someone hits the credit limit in this household, they’re just plain shut off. In every way imaginable…

War crimes prosecutors seek Gadhafi's arrest. "SEAL Team Six" should say screw you to the Mouse House and seek out Gadhafi next

Gas pump prices fall as oil dips below $98 a barrel. I obsess on this topic, as in here, I know

Ashton Kutcher replaces Charlie Sheen in “Two and a Half Men” and gets a million dollar an episode pay day. Ashton freating Kutcher?? All Jon Cryer had to say was “FML…”

“Top Gun” Stars Then and Now. Kelly McGillis came out as a lesbian and is currently working full-time with drug addicts and alcoholics at Seabrook House, a rehabilitation center. Tom Cruise has become a crazy, couch jumping cultist.

Schwarzenegger: I fathered a secret child. Ahhhh! That explains what happened earlier. Silly me, I thought Maria had just had enough of Arnold. Seems the household help got more than she bargained for though

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