Thursday, May 19, 2011

Check It Out

I really enjoy this guy's blog. Maybe ` cuz he is a fellow New England-er, or, maybe it's just because he writes some funny stuff. Check out Beachbum's Daily Diverson .

Don't you just love motivational posters? I think this one says it all:

Arnold is still in the news. It seems he is putting his return to the movies on hold. If you can call playing the Terminators grandpa a return to the movies. Maybe he should just go into porn... as the "Sperminator". Ted Kennedy has got to be swilling gin and laughing his ass off, where ever he is.

Speaking of Ted Kennedy, when ever I here the words "Gin Blossoms" I don't think of the rock group or, "Found Out About You", I always think of Teddy's nose.

It's become common knowledge that Maria Shriver moved out of their home not long after "The Governator" broke the news of his love child.

I think Maria drew this on the note she left for Arnie, and no one would blame her if she did!

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