Sunday, June 12, 2011

Still More Home Page Headlines

Weiner Opts for Treatment as New Self Portraits Emerge – It seems like Weiner’s weenie is popping up every where!! Hot dog!
In a related story - Weiner Defies Calls From Top Democrats to Resign –Weiner is instead seeking professional treatment and asking for a leave of absence from Congress. It seems like Rep. Anthony Weiner isn’t quite done embarrassing the Democratic Party quite yet. I think he’s addicted to being a douche bag.

Speaking of embarrassing the Democratic Party - Obama: Economic Recovery is 'going to take time'. I’ve got just three words: No Shit Sherlock

GOP Field Anything But Steady as New Hampshire Debate Nears – Why? Don’t they read the news? Or buy milk? Or gasoline??? What does GOP stand for nowadays? Goofy Old Pols??? Oh… right, they have Newt…

Sarah Palin Emails Show Discord Over Oil Tax – about 24,000 emails from former Governor Palin were released by the state of Alaska. When it comes to taxes they paint a picture that is not as anti-tax as her 2008 Vice Presidential run would lead us to believe. When it comes to Palin herself she comes off as one dimensional and single minded. Wow, what a surprise that is (not!!)

US Funds “shadow” Internet:  - NYT: Obama administration backs detour around censors; And no one will ever even know about it, unless you use the regular Internet I guess.
Father’s Day Gift He Actually Needs - Still not sure what to give Dad? Forget the tie! Five things he really wants this year: How about: A big ass TV, peace and quiet, the remote control, a beer and a…

MyPlate Replaces USDA Food Pyramid – The iconic food pyramid was replaced because it was deemed “to confusing”. MyPlate is much simpler: If YourFood is falling off of YourPlateYou're Eating Too Damned Much!!!

Regis Tries to Get a Brain Freeze - I though he had his brain removed and frozen years ago. I know if I had to deal with Kathy Lee and then Ripa daily I would

From the world of sports: Indians Plunk A-Rod After HR, Colon Hurt – What’d they do? Hit him with a pitch in the stomach?? While part of the story referenced Bartolo Colon’s injury, I think Excite might want to work with their headline writers. Or, not – it made me giggle

Charles Barkley and Dan Le Batard’s Disturbing Bet - It involves swimwear. And, it is too frightening to say anything more about

US Open Champ fears Tiger May be Done - Well, if Tiger could have be “done” with just a mistress or two, maybe people wouldn’t be saying he’s done now. And then headlines like “Woods Withdraws From Open” wouldn’t be canon fodder for stand up comics everywhere.  Leave your best Tiger Woods joke as a comment

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