Tuesday, June 28, 2011

For Our Mother

Growing up, some would say that we did not have a lot.
And, while we ourselves may have thought we didn’t have everything we wanted,
our mother always made sure that we had everything we needed.
We never went hungry.
We always had shoes on our feet and a shirt on our back.
And, we never, ever felt unloved

Our mother faced her share of challenges.
Some would call then obstacles; others might say roadblocks.
I would prefer to call them opportunities.
An opportunity to over come
An opportunity to exceed everyone’s expectations
An opportunity to shine.

Our mother faced every opportunity straight on.
Yes, there was fear.
And from that fear she drew strength.
And, with that strength she could move mountains.
No matter how deep the canyon.
No matter how wide the river.
No matter how high the mountain.
We always knew that our mother would be there and we always knew that we would get through.

Every challenge was met with grace and humor,
With dignity and courage.
And with strength I could only wish to possess.

Thank you for coming tonight to honor our mother.
And while we may have lost friend, our advisor, our ear to talk to and shoulder to lean on - I know somewhere, somehow, she's watching out for us all.

Leslie J January 28, 1943 - June 10, 2011
I love you mom, rest in peace

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