Saturday, May 7, 2011

To Xoom or Not to Xoom, That is the Question

To buy or not to buy? That's the question right now as the Motorola Xoom, Google's first Android Honeycomb tablet, has made its grand debut.

I've never been a big fruit guy; sure, I have an iPod. But grabbing up an iPad, which became an iPad2 and might be an iPad 2.2 this fall... well, not my cup of tea. I guess I like to be just a bit different.

And why a tablet?? In all honesty, it seems to be nothing more than a $600 toy! But  mommmm, I like toys!! And this  toy sports 5 megapixel rear facing camera with dual LEDflash and a 2 megapixel front facing built-in Webcam to boot.

But then, what's looming on the horizon? The BlackBerry® PlayBook™ Tablet is now here. The LG T-Mobile G-Slate is coming and the recently announced Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is also on the horizon. Then there is the expected wave of Android tablets expected to launch later this year--is it wise to buy the Xoom now?

And now, what if I decide to go all Iconia. As in the Acer - Iconia. It has similar strengths and  similar weaknesses to its competition, but sheesh, the $450 price tag looks like it would taste a whole lot better!!

Or should I just put the whole thing off and take a wait and see approach??

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