Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Random Thought

Wow… so it’s been nearly two years since I posted anything on this blog. I was bored, crusin’ the internets and looking to be entertained. I started looking at some blogs I used to follow, the really good ones are still going strong, and somehow wound up …here.

In retrospect even calling what I was doing here a “blog” is insulting to those who do it and do it well.  I used this as a dumping ground for stuff I found funny, or at least mildly amusing. All in hopes of finding some way to make a few buck. I somehow allowed myself to believe the crap I read about people quitting there day jobs and making a living on the internet.

In the mean time, making a living got in the way. Work is work, keeping up with everything that goes on outside of work takes time and my grand idea of supplementing my income fell by the way side.

But, all things considered, maybe it’s time to revisit this whole blogging thing; As a place to deposit the odd things in daily life I find amusing. Or perhaps, as a form of therapy – to keep me from shouting obscenities out the car window. Maybe even as a creative outlet – or what passes as creativity in me anyway. I certainly don’t claim to be a writer, but at times, I can be amusing (or so I have been told). So if you have taken the time to read this, thank you! And remember to stop back. Hopefully I’ll give you a smile, or even a bit of a chuckle. Hell, I might make you laugh out loud someday!

ps… No promises that I won’t bitch about the price of oil …or Obama …or Obama care, such an easy, obvious target (ROTFLMAO) …or any thing that gets under my skin for that matter.

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