Saturday, October 29, 2011

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Aussie football hates Meat Loaf… well, I’ve heard American football hates Curtis Stone
Regis takes off his shirt… American says “PUT IT BACK ON!!” …sheesh the moobs on him
Eruption spotted on Uranus… ummmm I wasn’t looking at your an… ohhhhh, the planet
That muffin didn't cost taxpayers $16 after all… The additional information showed that the muffins were actually part of a modified continental breakfast priced at $16.80 and consisting of items such as pastries, fruit, coffee, tea and juice….has the government ever heard of Panera Bread???
Michael Moore: Occupy movement "killed apathy"… but did it kill ignorance?? Hell if I know. In a side note…Big Macs will kill Michael Moore
Lindsay Lohan gets $1 million to pose nude for Playboy… ummm, ok. Will it be morbid curiosity that makes me ante up the eight bucks or so?? I mean how will she hide her SCRAM ankle bracelet??
Apple reveals it has a stunning cash reserve… $81,570,000,000… in cash. Apple then announces plans to buy Greece… Europe rejoices
Tyler: Fall not drug related... and pigs will fly ...and there will be an NBA season this year ...and ...
FAA clears sex  while sky diving… well now, there’s something to add to your bucket list
Canada changing symbol? … maple leaf to give way to a beer can
Big Banks Blink on New Card Fees… still plan to shaft the banking public by lowering interest rates on savings to an annual pop tart. The toaster will cost you $5 a month

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